Frequently Asked


Am I required to have formal install of my product?

No, if you are comfortable installing the product and watching our online tutorials you are not required.  Choosing to install yourself has no impact on warranty.

Speaking of warranty, what is your warranty?

24 months on parts and labor.  After warranty expires we offer replacement parts at competitive prices.

What is your lead time?

Lead time is a moving target, but we aim for no lead time on our machines.  Some components are custom built for customers, when this is the case this will extend the lead time.

Where are your machines made

Our machines are designed and built in the Pacific Northwest.


Is crating an additional charge?

No, crating is included in our purchase price

Can I arrange shipping myself?

Yes, you can.  We will provide you with a quote and you are welcome to “shop around.”

About Products

What is the overall height of the machine?

Machine height is variable based upon your needs.  In the design process we will ask you about your specific needs for your setup.

How much does the machine weigh?

Weigh Scale:

Where is the machine fabricated?

The machine is 100% made in the Pacific Northwest.  We make some parts in house and use locally owned machine shops for other parts.  We use American suppliers whenever possible.

Can you make the footprint of the machine fit my layout?

During the consultation and design phase we will ask for a layout of your line.  We can then set up our machines to be operator friendly based upon your specific layout.

What is Cerakote?

Cerakote is a specialized coating that can be applied to wood, polymers, metals, and plastics that is composed of a polymer-ceramic compound.  It significantly improves the longevity of whatever substrate it is applied to.

Why Cerakote?

Canning machines live in caustic environments and aluminum is susceptible to corrosion.  There are many benefits to aluminum though in that it is light and it is cost effective as compared to stainless steel.  We Cerakote all of our aluminum parts to protect them from whatever you throw at them

How is Cerakote applied?

It is applied to the substrate and then cured in a high temperature oven.